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Eyeglass cases and other attractive eyewear accessories

Why not add a few useful extras when you buy your glasses. Attractive accessories not only dress up your total package but are also extremely practical, too. We have it all – a whole range of accessories to compliment your glasses.

Glasses and all you need to go with them

Glasses get misplaced ... and glasses get smudged! But luckily we have just the solution! Have A Look's selection of eyewear accessories are both practical and easy on the eye! We have glass cases and cleaning cloths that help you to look after your glasses and keep them sparkling. Smart cords and chains for your glasses for those of you who are tired of constantly having to hunt for your glasses! And removablereading lenses you can stick on your favourite pair of sunglasses or sports glasses. All of them in an attractive design to match our selection of reading glasses and sunglasses – naturally, at the same low prices.