Wide selection of men's sunglasses with a Danish design

Have A Look has loads of cool sunglasses for men. Se our wide selection of the season's newest trends in men's sunglasses.The Collection covers a wide range of styles and includes everything from classic to minimalist to cool men's sunglasses. Whether you prefer round or square frames, large or small, you'll find them here on this page. And the price of our men's sunglasses is always the same: €35 per pair and 3 pairs for €85 + free shipping in Europe.

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Sunglasses for men who demand quality

All our men's sunglasses feature 100% UV protection, thin acrylic glass, nickel-free metal components, polycarbonate frames that can stand up to most things and, not least of all, comfortable flexi arms, so they fit any size of head. The design is Danish, the quality is tops, they fit well and the price is affordable. We also have a wide selection of bifocal sunglasses and sun readers for men who need strength (in glasses that is!).

The most popular men's sunglasses

Even though all Have A Look's sunglasses are basically unisex, some models of sunglasses seem to appeal more to men. The glasses with slightly heavier frames are particularly popular with men. For example, our ‘Type C’ with round lenses that have a raw, classic look. Our ‘Type B’ sunglasses are also a hit with the men. These large, sturdy frames are reminiscent of the classic Wayfarer glasses. Our ’Type B’ sunglasses have a masculine look  and the frames are available in horn or black as well as a range of transparent shades.

Cool men's sunglasses at affordable prices

On the lookout for men's sunglasses? Take a look at our wide selection. Here you'll find somehting for almost any taste at prices that make it hard to stop at just one pair! That's why you always get 3 pairs for €85 including shipping in Europe. And if you are having trouble finding just the right model to match your personal style, you can find some useful advice in our guide to choosing glasses.