Clear-lens glasses add character!

It has become popular to wear clear-lens glasses as a fashion accessory alone. That's why you can now get all our glasses with clear lenses. There is a wide and varied selection to choose from, so no matter whether it´s round, nerdy glasses, big retro glasses or the latest fashion you're after, you´re sure to find something you like here on this page.

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Fashion glasses with clear lenses

Clear-lens glasses are a popular fashion item these days, and it's not hard to understand why. Clear–lens glasses are cool and fun to wear, and an easy way to renew your look. We have loads of different colours and lots of cool shapes that will add character to your face and pep up your outfit with a great extra twist. Use clear-lens glasses (no strength) as an accessory just you'd use an item of jewellery, a hair clip or a scarf.

Use glasses to accessorize when you just want to look good

A pair of clear-lens glasses costs just €35 at Have A Look, and there are 3 pairs for only €85 + free shipping. That's so affordable, you'll be tempted to buy several pairs, so you have a few to choose from to match your outfit and mood. Remember that we also have clear-lens computer glasses – for those of you who want to look cool and protect your eyes against the blue light from the screen.