Sustainable BIOplastic glasses

Try our new ‘Type C’ plant-based reading glasses – and see the world through environmentally friendly glasses! The BIOplastic frames are made from 65% vegetable oil from the castor oil plant, a hardy, fast-growing, inedible plant – and also one whose oil, when converted into a raw material, has the same great qualities as our traditional plastic spectacle frames: light, robust and durable! The ‘Type C’ BIO glasses bio-based frames are also available as computer glasses and minus-strength glasses.

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What is bioplastic?

Bioplastics are plastic materials derived from biomass (e.g. maize, beets, sugar cane, bamboo etc.), whereas traditional plastic is made from crude oil (a fossil resource). Our BIOplastic is derived from the castor oil plant – from the oil from its beans, to be precise.

100% recyclable BIOplastic

Like our traditional plastic (polycarbonate) glasses, our BIOplastic glasses are quality glasses with a long lifetime. They are not made to be decomposed in nature. Like our traditional plastic glasses, our BIOplastic glasses are 100% recyclable and should be put in the plastic waste container when their useful life is up, to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.