Reading glasses

Danish designed reading glasses

Have A Look is Danish design in smart, stylish colours for everyone interested in keenly priced quality reading glasses. Available in strengths ranging from +1 to +3, all our glasses are made to suit both men and women.

Older, wiser - but with weaker sight

If you're starting to wonder who shrank the letters in your reading material, you've probably got presbyopia. This is simply a term for age-related vision and means your ability to focus at short distances is weakened over the years. But all you need to beat presbyopia is a good pair of reading glasses to get everything back into focus.

A wide and varied selection

We have exclusively designed, sensibly priced reading glasses to suit all tastes and every shape of face. Your lens strength depends on your age, but what your glasses look like depends on who you are. Follow your heart and your mood when you're shopping eyewear online. It's cheap and easy to buy reading glasses online - so have a little fun!