Great selection of stylish glasses for the near-sighted

If you’re near-sighted – in other words, you have trouble seeing things at a distance – then minus-strength glasses are for you. Have A Look has a broad range of smart, quality minus-strength glasses online. Our ranges are designed for both men and women and are available in strengths of -1 and -1.5.

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Go the distance again with minus-strength glasses

The glasses are ideal for the slightly near-sighted, for example if you have trouble recognising people at a distance or if you struggle to read the subtitles when you’re watching television. If you don't know whether your eyesight problems are due to myopi – near-sightedness – then you should get a test from an optician. An eyesight test will also tell you what minus strength you need. Some opticians offer free tests, while others require payment. However, you always have the right to take the results of your test home with you.

Can't decide which pair to choose?

No problem! There are so many minus-strength glasses to choose from that we’re giving you a great deal if you buy three pairs. Let’s face it – if you're near-sighted then you'll always need an extra pair of smart minus-strength eyewear! You might even want to try a pair of our minus strength sunglasses.