Sun readers

Sunglasses with plus- and bifocal lenses at bargain prices

Enjoy reading a good book in the sunshine again - and still look sharp. Have A Look has a great range of Danish designed reading sunglasses with plus-strength lenses. We also have bifocal reading sunglasses, which are perfect for when you're doing things like driving, shopping, and reading an SMS. Find exactly the right frame colour and shape for you - and get a superb deal! All our eyewear is made for both men and women.

Stylish sunglasses at down-to-earth prices

Get a great deal on your reading sunglasses. Lens strengths range from +1 to +3, or you can get bifocal lenses for just £5 extra. All our designs have 100% UV protection and flexible arms. Buy any pair of our reading sunglasses for just €29, or get three for only €72. And remember - we also have a huge range of keenly priced minus glasses and plus-strength reading glasses.