Danish design reading sunglasses

Enjoy reading a good book in the sunshine again – and still look sharp. Have A Look has a great range of Danish designed reading sunglasses with plus-strength lenses. Find exactly the right frame colour and shape for you – and get a superb deal! 

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Stylish sunglasses at down-to-earth prices

Get a great deal on your reading sunglasses. All our designs have 100% UV protection and flexible arms. Buy any pair of our reading sunglasses for just €35, or get three for only €85 + free shipping in Europe. And remember – We also have bifocal sunglasses, which are perfect for when you're doing things like driving, shopping, and reading an SMS. And a huge range of keenly priced minus glasses and plus-strength reading glasses.

Sun readers for outdoor book worms!

Anyone who loves to read on holiday while enjoying the sun, but has found it increasingly difficult as they get older, knows how irritating it can be to have to use two layers of glasses, with sunglasses on top of reading glasses. But there's a much lighter and smarter solution – a pair of sun readers from Have A Look – and there is something for everyone – no matter what your style (or taste in books!) would be! Hunt for new sun readers in our wide selection. And remember that there are always 3 pairs for €85 + free shipping in Europe. Why not grab a pair of normal reading glasses, too, so you'll never be without a pair to use both indoors and outdoors

The focus is on good quality at affordable prices

Our reading sunglasses are available in strengths of +1 to +3 and feature 100% UV protection. Plenty of cool colours and shapes to choose from at just €35 per pair. All our sunglasses with strength feature 100% protection and high quality lenses in acrylic. The arms feature springs, which makes the glasses comfortable to wear, and the polycarbonate frames are sturdy enough to take whatever the day brings but are also extremely lightweight. So even our models of larger frames weigh next to nothing and are light to have on.

Sun readers for your holiday

Get ready to catch up your reading this holiday with cool, affordable sunglasses from Have A Look. Not only are they a must-have and super practical – they're also smart and are available in a wide range of colours and shapes that suit both men and women.