Eyewear accessories – supplement your eyewear with stylish accessories

Get keenly priced Have A Look eyewear cords, cases and polishing cloths that match our stylish designs – so you can look good and be practical at the same time!

Eyewear accessories

Our soft, protective charcoal grey eyewear cases match our whole range. A polishing cloth for your eyewear lets you keep your glasses clean and free from vision-impairing stains. And if you want your glasses close by but not always on your nose, a special eyewear cord can be a useful solution.

'Hang On' and 'To Go' glasses

'Hang On' loignette reading glasses without arms are perfect for doing things like quickly checking a menu or reading prices when you’re out shopping. 'To Go' glasses are ideal if you’re often out and about. They have a hinge in the middle so you can quickly fold them up and tuck them away.