Slim reading glasses for men and women

Get slim, stylish reading glasses in up-to-the-minute colours and a gorgeous glossy finish at Have A Look. Perfect for both men and women, all our reading glasses are available in strengths ranging from +1 to +3. They come with flexible arms and polycarbonate frames.


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Slim-looking, quality reading glasses

Slim reading glasses suit most people and are also extremely practical because you can see over the frame. We love stylish design and great quality – and we also appreciate a good deal! At Have A look you can get exclusive Danish designed eyewear at superb prices. All our glasses cost €35 per pair including a stylish felt case made from recycled plastic bottles. Get three for only €85 incl. shipping. Remember – we also have sunglasses with plus-strength lenses for the same price so you can mix and match your choices.