Round reading glasses for both men and women

Find your next pair of reading glasses with round frames at Have A Look! The Collection includes plenty of models to choose from in a wide range of colours and designs – both for men and women. Round glasses are real golden oldies – they never go out of fashion – use our Style Guide to help you choose the type of round glasses that suit you best.

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Do round glasses suit me?

They say that round glasses suit square, heart-shaped and oval faces best. But we have so many different models that almost anyone should be able to find a pair that suits them, whatever their shape of face.

Wide selection of glasses with round lenses

Our assortment of round reading glasses is wide and varied – there's something for every taste. Choose between large, sturdy round frames such as our 'Type C' model, the more classic version such as our 'Circle' glasses or try our small, trendy, colourful 'Circle Twist' glasses. The price is always the same though. €35 for one pair including a stylish felt case made from recycled plastic bottles – and if you can't manage with just one pair, 3 pairs are always just €85 incl. free shipping in Europe. Check out our wide selection of round sunglasses.