Double-coloured minus-strength glasses

A little extra colour is a surefire way to put a smile on your face. That's why our double-coloured minus-strength glasses for the near-sighed is called our 'Mood' range. You can choose your 'Mood' frame in two different colours or two hues of the same colour.

Two's company!

Using two colours creates a strikingly sophisticated look and makes a classic frame stand out from the crowd. 'Mood' puts some colour onto your face and matches both a vibrant wardrobe and a more restrained one. If you prefer a rounder frame, check out our minus-strength 'Circle Twist' range, which also comes in exciting colours and as both minus-strength glasses and reading glasses. All our minus-strength glasses are designed for both men and women and are available with -1 or -1.5 lenses. Choose any pair for just €30 per pair including a felt protective case. Get three for only €72.

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