Wide selection of square reading glasses

If you're wild about square glasses, then you've come to the right place at Have A Look. We have both large and small square frames. Reading glasses with a streamlined, minimalistic design, strudy retro frames and everything in between! In other words, there´s something for every 'square' taste – also if you're looking for sun readers.

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Do square sunglasses suit me?

If you have a round face, you can certainly choose a pair of our square reading glasses, as this shape will balance out your features and and bring harmony to your face. Most of our square and rectangular reading glasses suit both men and women. If you are in doubt as to which square model fits your style best, you can always get help from our style guide.

An attractive, timeless look with minimalistic glasses

Our wide selection of square glasses has a little of everything. Our 'Type A' model, which is especially popular with men, has large yet slender, well-defined frames that add a light yet classic look despite their size. If square frames that make a stronger impression and add a little more character to your face are more your thing, go for something like our 'Mood' model –  a retro model that women fall for in particular. And if your prefer smaller frames with a well-defined look, you should take a look at  our model 'Classic'.

Square reading glasses at affordable prices

Square frames can be worn by almost anyone who likes a classic, minimalistic style, and who is ready to ride the 'less is more' wave! All these glasses are available in strengths of +1 to +3 at €35 pr. pair including a stylish feltcase made from recycled plastic bottles. And you can always get 3 pairs for €85 incl. shipping. And that also applies to all reading glasses, minus-strength glasses, computer glasses and sun readers and sunglasses.