Square reading glasses

Square framed reading glasses

If you're into 'less is more', then these glasses are for you! They're ideal for everyone who likes a classic, more minimalistic style. If you have a rounder shaped face, you should consider these frames as they introduce a certain balance and harmony to your face. Designed for both men and women, the 'Classic' model comes in lens strengths of +1 to +3.

Minimalism for both men and women

Our design process is inspired by today's trends, and we don't stop until we're completely satisfied with our results. Our 'Classic' range has minimalistic, square frames and a striking, timeless look that works for both men and women. Here at Have A Look, you know you're combining great prices with top quality. All our glasses cost €29 per pair and include a free protective case in charcoal grey felt. Get three pairs for only €72.