Colourful minus-strength glasses

Crazy cool coloured minus-strength glasses

Round, colourful glasses actually suit most people. Our 'Circle Twist' range is the edgier version of the more restrained 'Circle' range. Both are available in lens strengths of -1 and -1.5-strength and +1 through to +3.

A world of living colour

We love colour - and our 'Circle Twist' glasses are living proof! They're for everybody who won't settle for less than the extraordinary. Choose a combination that lights up your day and gives you a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm. 'Circle Twist' minus-strength glasses for the near-sighted are just €29 per pair. Get three for only €72. All metal parts are nickel free and our frames are made from polycarbonate, which make them extra comfortable to wear. Put some colour into your life with 'Circle Twist'.