Classic sunglasses for men and women

Sunglasses with a slightly transparent frame are great for everyone who wants to look sharp outdoors! Our bestselling 'Urban' range comes both as standard sunglasses and also with lens strength ranging from -1.5 to +3. The classic, slightly rounded design suits most facial shapes. 'Urban' is designed to match both a sharp, masculine look and also softer, more feminine lines so it's a perfect choice for both men and women.

Classic sunglasses design in modern colours

Have A Look's 'Urban' sunglasses are classic in design but with a modern, edgy range of colours that create an effective contrast. 'Urban' matches the colour and pulse of city life. All our sunglasses have UV protection and are designed to suit both men and women. Get any pair for just €30 including a smart protective felt case or three for only €72. Remember – we also have reading sunglasses with lens strengths ranging from +1 to +3.

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