Unleash your inner diva with oversized sunglasses

Our 'Diva' range of oversize retro style sunglasses protect most of your face and give you 100% UV protection from the sun.'Diva' sunglasses have both a feminine and exclusive look and are ideal if you want to be noticed but not seen! Remember – you can also get our oversized sunglasses with plus-strength lenses

Oversized retro shades rule!

Oversized sunglasses for women have been popular among celebrities since the 1950s, and continued to be a hit through the 1960s and 1970s. But guess what? Round, oversized sunglasses are still trés chic today! With its big, rounded lenses and light frame, Have A Look's 'Diva' range is elegance and femininity combined. They're comfortable to wear, too. The oversize frame is very lightweight and has flexible arms that ensure a better fit. 'Diva' sunglasses come in classic horn, lovely deep blue, and summery pastel-coloured rose and sand. All our glasses cost just €30 per pair including a smart protective felt case. Get three for only €72. Remember – 'Diva' are also available as reading sunglasses with lens strengths ranging from +1 to +3.

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