Oversized plus-strength reading sunglasses for ladies

When you want to read outdoors, a decently sized pair of sunglasses is a 'must'. Our round, voluminous glass gives you 100% UV protection and shield you from the sun. The frames are thin, retro-styled and feminine-looking, while the arms are flexible for extra comfort. Lens strengths range from +1 to +3. You can also get our round, oversized sunglasses with regular no-power lenses.

When there's small print – think big!

Oversize ladies' sunglasses - sometimes called retro style – have been a hit for decades. They're still super-modern so why not also use them for reading in sunlight? Oversize designed sunglasses are perfect as reading sunglasses because they hide everything except the letters and protect light-sensitive eyes. Check out our wide range of large sunglasses with plus-strength lenses.

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