Minus sunglasses

Stylish, cheap sunglasses for the near-sighted

If you're near-sighted, find your minus-strength sunglasses at Have A Look. Minus-strength sunglasses are for you if you’re near-sighted and need glasses with a toned lens for doing things like driving in sunny weather. Minus-strength sunglasses are designed to suit both men and women. Choose between -1 and -1.5 lens strengths.

Wide range of minus-strength sunglasses

Choose between minus-strength sunglasses with round lenses, 'Type C' or the slightly larger classic 'Type B' when you want to enjoy the summer weather. You might be a little near-sighted but you can still look sharp in the sun! All our sunglasses cost just €29 plus a €11 supplement for your minus strength lens. Check out our big selection of minus-strength glasses and combine a pair of sunglasses with glasses for use indoors.