Big reading sunglasses in classic designs

If you love all things classic, you'll love these big, reading sunglasses with sightly larger frames. Our 'Type B"'range of reading sunglasses are ideal for both men and women. Lens strengths range from +1 to +3 and bifocals are just €5 extra. Our big frames are also available as standard reading glasses.

The sun always shines on a classic!

Big lenses in a timelessly classic frame - that's our 'Type B' reading sunglasses for you. It isn't just about excellent vision, it's also about great style and comfort. It all adds up to an extra dimension of reading pleasure - whatever your favourite kind of book. If you have age-related sight issues and like reading in the sun, you'll know all about the challenges involved. Your hat, your glasses, your sunglasses – everything has to sit perfectly beore you can start enjoying your read. Now, with so many models and colours of reading sunglasses to choose from, all that is a thing of the past. See all our plus-strength reading sunglasses here. Any pair just €30.

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Type B