Big minus-strength glasses in stylish designs

Find big minus-strength glasses in timeless designs here at Have A Look. A relatively chunky frame in a classic design lets these big minus-strength models add character to your face without seeming too voluminous. The frames come in horn, black and a nature-inspired brown wood look. As with all our near-sight glasses, the 'Type B' range is also available with plus-strength lenses as reading glasses. Any pair just €30 including a felt protective case. Get three for only €72.

Minus strength for the long view

Our near-sight glasses with big lenses in a classic rounded frame are available in -1 or -1.5 strengths. They are designed for both men and women and give an excellent field of vision due to the size of the frame. If this style isn't quite your cup of tea, take a look at the rest of our wide range of near-sight glasses. There are designs and colours to meet every requirement!

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Type B