Sunglasses with attitude

If you prefer your sunglasses to have a design that gets you noticed, check out our 'Type C' range. They're a fresh, contemporary take on the famous John Lennon shape of sunglasses. 'Type C' sunglasses feature a round, striking frame and come in a range of colours spanning edgy orange and green to a more restrained transparent, grey and black. See also our other round sunglasses

Edgy sunglasses with round glasses

These strikingly designed sunglasses with their round forms are perfect for both men and women. They particluarly suit longer faces or faces with broader jawbones. You can see which frames will suit you best in our guide to glasses and facial shapes. But remember – your choice of frame colour will also play a role in whether your sunglasses will give you a classic, modern, restrained or edgy look. See our huge and varied range of sunglasses.

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Type C