Big sunglasses in timeless designs

Classic, timelessly designed big sunglasses suit men and women of all ages. It's no coincidence that this chunky and relatively big frame is one of our most popular models. For years we've been expanding our range with frames in restrained semi-transparent colours like coral, sand and olive, which give our designs a more modern touch and add a hint of endless summer!

Even our big sunglasses are light

Our sunglasses give you 100% UV protection and come with sprung arms that ensure better comfort and a tighter fit. Our sunglasses frames are made from tough, light polycarbonate so they're not just nice to wear, they're durable too. Here, you can get a classic pair of Danish designed sunglasses at an attractive price - so attractive that you can afford more than one pair if you can't decide which ones you want! All our sunglasses cost just €29 per pair including a smart protective felt case. Get three for only €72. REMEMBER - we also have a huge range of reading sunglasses with lens strengths from +1 to +3.

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