Oval sunglasses with a stylish design

'City' is our brand new range of sunglasses. With their oval lenses and butterfly-shaped frames, they offer a contemporary and elegant slant on the legendary Audrey Hepburn glasses. These oval sunglasses are available in a choice of gorgeous colours – from pale lemon to deep coral, as well as a range of more classic choices in horn-look. Free choice. € 30 incl. case.

A modern version of Audrey

If you prefer light, elegant sunglasses that can be seen but don´t weigh you down, then our 'City'-range is just what you´re looking for. Neither too large, nor too small, with a nicely rounded shape, these suit most shapes of faces.  And the price for any sunglasses in the range is just € 30. Too hard to choose? Then why not take 3 pairs for only € 72. Take a look at our other sunglass collections. And remember that we also have plenty of reading sunglasses! 

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