Oval sunglasses that let you read and look stylish!

Our City sunglasses are elegant and feminine with flattering curves. The frames are the perfect size – neither too large, not too small – and the softly curved design and oval UV-protective lenses suit most facial shapes. ’City’ sunglasses are available in strengths of +1 to +3 and come in many fashionable colours. From light soft coral to classic horn versions in a variety of styles.

Reading Sunglasses for reading outdoors

When the sun is shining and you are off on holiday, don't forget to pack your reading sunglasses – a 'must have'. At Have A Look, we offer a wide selection of reading sunglasses with toned glass in strengths from +1 to +3. There are reading sunglasses to suit every taste and facial shape. Check our guide to face shapes, if you are not sure which glasses to choose. And if you are in any doubt about which strength to choose, then take a look at our guide which will help you find the correct strength of glasses for you.

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