Stick-on, removable bifocal lenses for sunglasses and sports glasses

Stick-on bifocal lenses from Hydrotac® can be attached to all types of sunglasses and sports glasses. A brilliant solution for those times when you need to read on the go or play sport. These high quality bifocal lenses are easy to stick on using just a little drop of water, and will stay put when you need them to, but are easy to remove, when you want to swap them to another pair of glasses. Removable bifocal lenses are available in strengths of +1.5 to +3 at €35 pr. pair. Read more about removable bifocal lenses here.

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Removable bifocal lenses for your sunglasses

Tired of straining your eyes to read text messages, price labels and all that other tiny text when you're wearing sunglasses? Removable bifocal lenses let you convert your favourite sunglasses into reading sunglasses, so you can see distances and read fine print using the same pair. Removable bifocal lenses fit all sunglasses from Have A Look, and any other sunglasses for that matter – whether they are by Tom Ford, Moscot, Chanel, Dior, RayBan, etc.

Stick-on bifocal lenses – great for sports glasses too!

If you're finding it hard to read the scorecard when out golfing, the digital display on your bike's computer, your running watch, or the piste map on your ski holiday, then it's time you tried removable bifocal lenses – the smart solution. They stay on firmly and fit all types of sports glasses – even diving masks and ski goggles. They are an efficient solution at an inexpensive price for all sports enthusiasts who have difficulty reading small text. Read more about how removable bifocal lenses work.