Stylish bifocal sunglasses

Bifocal sunglasses are great when you want to keep an eye on what's going on, and read as well! The reading section of the lens, which is available in strengths from +1 to +3, is located in the bottom half of the lens, while the top part are strength-free. The whole lens features 100% UV however. Take a look at the wide selection of bifocal sunglasses from Have A Look ... once you've tried them, you´ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Filter and sort by strength, etc.

One pair of sunglasses – two functions

In bifocal sunglasses, only a small section at the bottom of the lens features reading strength. When you look down, these glasses act as outdoor reading glasses with tinted glass. When you look straight ahead through the upper section, they are simply normal sunglasses without any strength at all. This makes them practical for outdoor use while you are on the go, for sunny days where you are enjoying lots of other activities besides reading in the sun. Take a look at our stick-on bifocal lenses – ready to stick on to sports glasses and any other type of glasses if you wish.

Is it difficult to get used to using reading glasses?

Most people quickly get used to using bifocal glasses.  Actually many people are so impressed with this double functionality that they end up using nothing but bifocal sunglasses when they are outdoors. Some prefer to use sunglasses with strength in the whole lens, as this gives them a larger field of vision for reading longer books or newspapers outdoors.