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Women's glasses you simply must have!

Have A Look’s selection of smart, affordable glasses for women provides plenty of choice and variety. We have women's glasses to compliment every outfit and suit whatever mood you're in! Whether you're looking out for smart reading glasses, women's sunglasses, minus-strength glasses or computer glasses, there are plenty to choose from – at prices that make it fun to shop and difficult to stop at just one pair!

Glasses for women who like to have a few pairs to choose from

We´re big fans of variety, that's why our collection offers so much to choose from. When we design women's glasses, we're inspired by the latest new trends in fashion and interior design, but never compromise on either quality, the fit or variety. The glasses must sit well, be comfortable to wear, and offer enough choice so that there's a variety of styles and colours to suit any shape of face and personality-type. If you are not sure about which type of glasses suit you best, you can find some useful tips in our Style Guide, and our Guide to Finding the Right Strength is also full of good advice. We want you to feel comfortable about buying women´s glasses online with us – and we hope it will be fun and easy, too!

Danish design at affordable prices

Whether you are long-sighted and need reading glasses or near-sighted and need minus glasses, you'll find smart, top quality women's glasses here. Danish design at affordable prices! Both the frames and lenses are made of light, hard-wearing material that can take pretty well anything. The frames have flexible arms that are equipped with springs to make them sit well without messing up your hair! This also applies to all of our women's sunglasses – both those with strength and those without, which also have lenses that feature 100% UV protection, and there is a whole range of different models and colours to choose from.

See well and look good!

If you are on the lookout for smart, affordable glasses for women, then you've come to the right place! And if you're the type who like to have more than just one pair, then you won´t be disappointed. When you buy glasses online at Have A Look, you always get 3 pairs for €85 inkl. free shipping in Europe. Now this doesn't mean you need to do an Imelda Marcos on us, but it's always nice to have a few pairs to choose from! Cool, colourful glasses are great for pepping up a dark outfit or adding a dash of colour to a grey day. Black or tortoiseshell-coloured frames in a classic design are great when you want a more serious look. Large, square glasses with an edge for when you want to look extra trendy ... or women's glasses with round lenses for those days when you´d like to convey how clever you are!