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Cool men's glasses with a Danish design

On the lookout for affordable men's sunglasses? Find them here online at Have A Look. Our wide variety of men's glasses includes something for every taste – always at fixed, low prices. Whether you are looking for round or square frames, reading glassescomputer glasses or sun readers, there are loads of quality sunglasses to choose from.

Quality at affordable prices

The design is Danish, the fit is comfortable and the quality is tops. All our men's glasses are made of lightweight, durable material which can take most normal wear and tear, and are nice and comfortable to wear. The arms of these glasses are fitted with springs that adapt to the size and shape of the head, so the frames never feel too tight or too loose. Have A Look's men's glasses are made to be put on and taken off hundreds of times – and are designed to be stand up to normal daily wear and tear! Good quality at prices that are so reasonable, you'll be tempted to invest in more than one pair!

Try your gasses online before you buy

If you are not sure which type of glasses suit you best, try on the pairs you like with our Virtual try on facility. Have A Look's virtual online 'fitting room' let's you try on all of our men's glasses  – in front of the screen, in real time no matter where you are – before you buy them.

Eyewear trends for men ... to be taken with a grain of salt!

If you still haven't found what you're looking for when it comes to choosing the right men's frames for you, you can find some good advice in our Style Guide. This will give you some good tips on which model of men's glasses will suit your shape of face and personality. For even though the current trend in men's glasses might be round or square glasses, the shape still has to suit you personally. And that is true no matter whether you are near-sighted or long-sighted – and whether you are looking for reading glassesminus-strength glasses or sun readers.

Classic, cool or coloured?

At Have A Look, the selection of men's glasses is wide and varied. Black and tortoiseshell frames are always popular with men. They match whatever you're wearing and look classic or cool depending on the frames and the shape and size of the glasses. But more and more men are venturing out into the realm of semi-transparent- coloured frames. After all, with these inexpensive glasses for men from Have A Look, you can afford to go a little wild! You will always get 3 pairs for €85 + free shipping in Europe, so why not include a pair of cool, colourful glasses in your selection. A pair of coloured frames looks really good with a dark set of clothing. And colourful frames have the advantage of being easy to find when you put them down somewhere!