Removable bifocal lenses – easy, flexible and inexpensive

Removable bifocal lenses from Hydrotac are easy to attach to any kind of glasses, sunglasses or sports glasses. This is an ingenious and flexible solution for those times when you need to read on the go, or play sports. Purchase removable bifocal lenses in strengths of + 1.5 to +3 at €30 pr. pair.

How to attach removable bifocal lenses to your glasses

Removable bifocal lenses are easy to attach to any type of glasses, and they stay put but are easy to remove again, so you can swap them from one pair of glasses to another. Full instructions are included with the reading lenses, but you can also read what to do here:

  1. Wash your glasses in soapy water using, for example, a little mild washing-up liquid, and allow them to dry thoroughly.
  2. Apply a tiny drop of water to the inner surface of your glasses, where you wish to attach your removable bifocal lenses, in the lower portion – close to the nose.
  3. Carefully remove the removable bifocal lenses from the package.
  4. Hold the bifocal lens between thumb and forefinger and place it on the surface of the lens of your glasses – in the lower part close to the nose pad (the lenses are easy to move/adjust while they are moist). Follow the same procedure for the other lens, and position it so that the lenses are aligned symmetrically in relation to the nose.
  5. Press the lenses gently using a dry cloth to expel any excess water. It is important to make sure that any 'air pockets' are removed.
  6. The glasses can be used half an hour later (the lenses are then dry, and molecular adhesion will keep them in place). If you wish to remove the lenses, simply loosen the edges using a fingernail.
  7. Put the glasses on and check that your long distance line of vision is not obstructed by the lenses. If this occurs, remove the lenses as described in point 6, then trim the lens as required (up to 5 mm), parallel to the upper (horizontal) edge. Apply the customized lenses as described in points 1 - 6. Put the glasses on again and check your long distance line of vision.
  8. Put on your glasses and look down to check that your ability to read is optimal, and that nothing bothers you, and your eyes are not strained. If this is the case, the lenses should either be moved closer to or further away from the lower edge of the spectacle frames, as described in points 1-6. If your ability to read is still not optimal after several attempts, you may need to use lenses of a different strength. Consult an optician or eye specialist for advice.